MQT Organic Nipple Care and Rescue Balm

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This MQT Organic Nipple Care and Rescue Balm is made with all organic food grade oils -safe for babies to ingest, the unprocessed beeswax is thoroughly cooked to remove bacterias from raw sources like their beehives.

Apply it to your Nipples, to areolas even the whole breast and be amazed!
- Deeply moisturizes the Nipple Pores our breastfriends in our breastfeeding journey
- Let those Nipple pores weep, as they are waiting to be opened
- Ease the pain away when bubba bites
- Ease the cloggy milk ducts when they are suffocated with thick milky milk
- Ease the discomfort from flaky itchy and burning nipples in an instant
- More open nipp pores = more milk

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