Silicone Flange Insert

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Because correct breast shield size Matter.

Dula Silicone Flange Insert makes breast shield/flanges funnel smaller.

Incorrect size of breast flange/shield can greatly affect in milk production that will also lead to soreness or clogged ducts.

How to find the right size
1. Measure the diameter of your nipple (Please see photos for guide on how to measure). The standard flange size is often 24mm but you may need a smaller flange/shield based on your measurement.
2. Compare the diameter of your nipple to the size guide chart (Please see photos)

Compatible with:
Dula Mina Plus
Dula Handsfree Cups
Spectra 24mm ( Dula 17-21mm Flange Insert) and 28mm ( Dula 24mm Flange Insert)
Spectra Handsfree Cups.
Medela Manual or Electric Breast Pump
Youha Electric Pump and Handsfree Cups
Horigen (No Cutting Needed)
Real Bubee (No Cutting Needed)
RH228 (No Cutting Needed)
Wisemom (No Cutting Needed)
Generic/Unbranded Wearable Pumps

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